Frequent asked questions

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When is the Google book available?

January 2024. Production already started in December 2023. We hope to start shipping the first copies in January 2024.

What is special about this book?

Handcrafted: at daMaia we consider our books as art objects. They are intentionally designed to proudly showcase it in your living room or home office.

First of his kind: art books are generally associated with architecture, design or fashion. At daMaia we are preserving stories from software companies in beautiful coffee table books.

Exclusive handmade illustrations: the award-winning Vivi Campos was invited by daMaia to paint unique illustrations. These art pieces add a personal touch and bring Google’s stories of to life.

Hand painted: the edges of the book are hand painted in yellow. This gives a unique character to the book making it the center of attentions wherever it is in.

Limited edition: first edition is limited to 1,000 copies.

Why should I pre order the Google book?

To guarantee your copy. We are accepting pre orders for our first limited edition of the Google book.

To safe on shipping costs. We are offering free shipping worldwide to all pre orders.

Who do I contact with wholesale or partnership queries?

We are delighted if you are interested in becoming a wholesale partner or looking for collaborating with us. Feel free to reach us out here.

Who do I contact with media queries?

If you are a member of the press with a question about daMaia and specifically about the Google book, please contact our team here.

Still have questions?

Please contact us directly.