A celebration of tech startups in coffee table books format

Margaret Fuller once said, “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” This is the essence of a book to inspire and empower individuals to become leaders in their own right. Books provide a gateway to knowledge, imagination and personal growth.

At daMaia, we want to go further. We are developing books about software companies. We want to preserve their stories in tangible objects, making them live forever outside of the digital world. daMaia books are objects of art. They are beautiful, and collectible coffee table books.

We hope to captivate and allow you to escape into a world of persistence, perseverance, and inspiration where great companies were created. Through our unique handmade illustrations, we aim to create a visual experience that complements the written words and enhances the overall reading experience. Join us on this journey of exploration, and let our books inspire you to dream and create a better world.

How daMaia was born

João da Maia is the founder of daMaia. As a previous founder of two software companies, he has always been eager to learn from fellow founders. The first startup was a failure; and the second one, as a solo founder, was acquired by Webflow.

João dedicated part of his time to researching both successful and unsuccessful startups, accumulating a treasure trove of knowledge and learnings over more than a decade. He decided to share it with the world in a unique and collectible format. This is how daMaia was born. The first book of the collection is the story of Google’s first 25 years.